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Generative design software for additive manufacturing supports aircraft design

  • Lightweight design for aerospace components

  • Link your design to manufacturing processes

  • Modeling methods combining mesh-based geometry and parametric features

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Build an accurate digital twin of your aircraft with an open & scalable aircraft design software platform

  • Utilize the seamless integration of the topology optimization feature and unlock previously unrealized design capabilities.

  • Using an optimized geometric design proposal, frontload simulation activities, and accelerate the creation of your high-performance product.

Connect simulation data to your aircraft CAD design easily

  • Integrate your additive manufacturing process directly into the design to make the transition to additive manufacturing printing effortless.

  • Eliminate the need for data conversion in the process and experience how easy it is to send your components to the printer.

Explore parametrization of the winglet to optimize your design for product performance

  • Use the ability to easily parametrize and share those parameters to different simulation and optimization tools.

  • Parametrize the envelope of the winglet and specify valid parameter ranges using the powerful capability of Product Template Studio.

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