Free visECAD PCB Viewer access for PADS and Xpedition

visECAD PCB Viewer trial

Why visECAD PCB Viewer?

  • Fully functional application for viewing schematic and layout designs in a neutral CCZ format

  • Load schematic/layout CCZ files

  • Print preview

  • Query, find, and zoom navigation

  • Design layer list coloring

  • Cross-probing of layout data to Xpedition and PADS

To set up your trial:

Trial Details

Download this free visECAD Viewer with a 12-month license, which can be renewed.

These files are available natively from the following design and manufacturing solutions:

  • Xpedition Enterprise 2007.X and later

  • DxDesigner 2007.5 and later

  • PADS Layout 9.0 and later

  • CAMCAD Assembly Flow

  • Updated to support encrypted CCZ/CCE for the EE7.9.3 flow release

Trial requirements

  • This complimentary trial is only available for qualified businesses, not members of the press or competition

  • Sign up with a valid email address, LinkedIn profile or Google account

  • Select your country/region