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Valor process engineering solutions simplify the delivery of high-quality, consistent surface mount technology (SMT) process collateral, empowering you to meet the engineering demands of high-mix, low-volume production efficiently. Get immediate, hands-on access to many Valor Process Preparation features. Built-in data files and tutorials will help you become familiar with the Valor Process Preparation working environment, key concepts, and terms.

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Automatically create machine library data and move products between SMT lines, and create comprehensive shop floor work instructions


Design stencils using user-defined technology libraries.


Run your design for test analysis for in-circuit purposes, and create corresponding output for those machine types.

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  • Get started using ODB++ to create a product model

  • Use Process Preparation to design a stencil

  • Create SMT test and inspection outputs

  • Ready to create assembly documentation

"With Valor Process Preparation, the entire engineering process is done digitally, saving two to three hours per NPI depending on the complexity of the board."

Marius Stepanescu, Technical Director