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  • How to model and simulate automated workcells and lines.

  • How to define and validate complete robot programs.

  • How to use a virtual PLC and HMI to validate control logic and operator interfaces.

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Model and plan

Tecnomatix virtual commissioning software provides the tools necessary to model robotic and automated manufacturing workcells and to plan their operations and processes in a dynamic and highly visual environment.

Program and simulate

Tecnomatix virtual commissioning software provides simulation and offline programming for all major robot brands to automatically incorporate motion paths into complete programs for download to the physical robot controller.

Validate and commission

Tecnomatix and SIMATIC software integrates the mechanical and electrical functions of a production zone or cell to validate controller code with hardware and robot programs for the most realistic virtual commissioning.

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"With virtual commissioning, we do not risk anything – it eliminates the dangers of damage to machines and staff injuries."

Head of the Robotics Team, BenThor Automation