Develop and validate ADAS and AV systems with Simcenter Prescan

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Why Simcenter Prescan?

  • Highly detailed physics-based sensor simulation for testing and development of ADAS and automated vehicle systems.

  • A large variety of sensor fidelity levels is available for all sensing technologies used in the industry - from raw signals to object data and ground truth.

  • Powerful import functionalities to bring your 3D CAD models and real-world recordings into one simulation tool.

  • Focus on critical scenarios and create variability with test automation tooling. Reduce development cost and time using a digital twin of sensor and world model.

Start designing your automated vehicle in minutes

A simulation of cars on a city street while raining.

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"As single platform for simulation of autonomous driving functions, Simcenter Prescan is being used to validate and verify AV control algorithms in a large variety of situations. We need a lot of variations. Once we simulate all these combinations, in one single platform, we know exactly where our algorithm could fail and then we can extend our verification."

Tsusitha Parakrama, R&D Manager, Hyundai MOBIS