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Simcenter Femap with NASTRAN trial

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Comprehensive simulation and analysis applications help you save money and reduce time-to-market through optimized designs, reduced prototyping and physical testing. Test drive the full version of Simcenter Femap with NASTRAN and Dynamic Response.

FEA model of a wind turbine

Powerful and extendable

Unparalleled model control and flexibility with a broad range of loads, materials and analysis types with extensive visualization and postprocessing options.

Cost effective and easy-to-use

Affordable, high-performance FEA modeling for the engineering desktop – leverages the Parasolid modeling kernel for direct access to Parasolid data for surface and solid modeling.


Computer-aided drafting (CAD)-independent pre- and post-processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis.

Trial Details

Trial features

  • A full version of Simcenter Femap (pre- and postprocessor) with NASTRAN (solver), including Dynamic Response

  • Online training, videos and “how-to” tips and tricks

  • Access to the Simcenter Femap online community, where you can connect with expert users

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  • This complimentary trial is only available for qualified businesses, not members of the press or competition

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