Reduce fragmentation and increase end-to-end integration with Semiconductor Lifecycle Management

Semiconductor Lifecycle Management trial

How can Teamcenter X Semiconductor Lifecycle Management support your IC design and manufacturing processes?

  • Pre-configured, industry-specific process flows and data models.

  • Elevate quality while providing complete traceability for faster product acceptance and reduced time to market.

  • Semiconductor solutions provide full control, clear visibility, and integrated data management across all your processes, design, and production domains.

  • Address product complexity and enhance stakeholder and ecosystem collaboration.

  • Reduce errors and improve efficiency with integrated work instruction creation.

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Accelerate new product introduction

Easily evaluate the business case, market analysis, and technical goals associated with an idea as it develops into your next product.

IC design management and IP reuse

Effortlessly understand the impact of design changes across disciplines through dedicated workflow and change management.

Collaborative IC manufacturing planning

Streamline engineering, design, and manufacturing planning to ensure alignment between the EBOM, MBOM, and BOP for material and substance compliance.

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