Improve collaboration and accelerate orders to production with PLM for Component Manufacturers

PLM for Component Manufacturers trial

How can the Teamcenter X solution, PLM for Component Manufacturers, help standardize your processes and improve your time to market?

  • Facilitate the transition from engineering to manufacturing planning

  • Control your project data and reduce time to market

  • Streamline BOM re-use

  • Standardize and automate in-house processes

  • Make collaborative decisions across your supply chain

Try our 30-day PLM for Component Manufacturers software online trial. No installation is required. Start planning in minutes. (Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari recommended)

Accelerate new product introduction

Create the best product possible while reducing your time to market. PLM for Component Manufacturers allows you to optimize your programs or use pre-built templates based on industry best practices.

Collaborate in an integrated environment

Seamlessly work across disciplines with a common engineering solution to create and edit docs, reuse complex product and system models, and manage CAD data.

Facilitate manufacturing planning

With an integrated PLM solution, you can streamline your order to the manufacturing process. Execute workflows, manage configurations for complex assemblies, improve BOM management and provide clear and up-to-date operator instructions.

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  • Ready to go! Instant access anytime, anywhere

Trial requirements

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