Optimize your design for manufacture process with PCBflow cloud DFM solution

PCBflow cloud DFM trial

Get instant, actionable feedback about printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturability before handoff. Accelerate time-to-market for your prototypes and national provider identifiers (NPIs).

Note: Corporate email is required to maximize trial options.  Social media and generic email registrations will limit the potential value of this tool.

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Design for manufacture, assembly included

Use DFM rules created by your preferred supplier and easily upload your designs. View results in the online board viewer or download them in PDF or Excel.

Collaborative platform

Designers and manufacturers can connect to share and collaborate on the platform and instantly deliver designs to production.

Quick pricing, powered by Boardera

Get an immediate, accurate price estimate for the manufacturing and assembly of any design simply by requesting a QuickPrice from within PCBflow.

Trial Details

Trial features

  • Fully licensed software with sample files and guided tutorials

  • No massive downloads or lengthy installations

  • Ready to go! Instant access anytime, anywhere

Trial requirements

  • This complimentary trial is only available for qualified businesses, not members of the press or competition

  • Sign up with a valid email address, LinkedIn profile or Google account

  • Select your country/region

What our clients say about us

"Digitization has led to a different way of thinking. You can do things in new, previously unimaginable ways. Elco has used PCBflow to help various customers streamline their design process and plans to continue using PCBflow with customers in the future."

Roberto Campri, Elco, Corporate Asia Manager

"With PCBflow, manufacturers can prevent losses related to false production, reduce repairs by 80% and free up to ~600 engineering and quality hours per year – hours that can be invested in innovation and improvement."

Evgeny Makhline, Nistec CTO