PADS Professional PCB Design Student Edition

PADS Professional Student Edition

Build the PCB skills you need with PADS Professional

Rated the best student edition for PCB design software education, the PADS Professional Student Edition is an intuitive, virtual, 365-day PCB design educator trial for both students and professors seeking the skills needed to enter the high-technology workforce.

Build the PCB skills you need with PADS Professional

"My PADS Professional experience enhanced my resume and helped me secure a position at a tier-1 semiconductor company."

Joshua Biggio, recent graduate, University of Colorado

A student at a PC using PADS Professional Student Edition to hone his PCB design skills

To set up your trial:

Powerful PCB design

The PADS Professional Student edition uses the same leading-edge tool used by the most innovative companies in high technology.

Skills PCB engineers need

Engineers can develop practical PCB software skills that translate to the need of high-technology companies.

Digital PCB Badge

This student edition trial includes abundant “getting started” videos and free on-demand training with a digital badge.

Trial Details

Trial features

  • Free one-year license with sample files and guided tutorials.

  • Access to Support Center for easy download to your laptop.

  • Fully featured PCB design tools.

Trial requirements

  • The free trial is only available for qualified students, not members of the press or competition.

  • Sign up with a valid student email address.

  • A modern laptop with at least 16 GB of physical memory.