NX X for CAD online 30-day trial

NX X trial

NX X for CAD is online, cloud SaaS ready

Effortlessly download and install NX X computer-aided design (CAD) software onto your devices.

Leverage all the powerful features and functionality of award-winning NX with the advantages of an online cloud.

NX X for CAD makes it easy for you to work effortlessly and cooperatively across disciplines and the supply chain with zero data loss, providing seamless scalability in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment.

Woman sitting at a computer using NX X CAD software in front of a large window.

Flexible CAD user experience

Access NX X in the way that works best for you and your team through a desktop application or browser.

Secure CAD data management

Remove data security risk concerns with the secure and trusted data management solution included in every seat of NX X.

Simplified CAD IT management

Focus back on innovation, while Siemens provides cloud-centralized license management, configuration and updates.

Trial Details

Trial features

  • Teamcenter integration for NX

  • Base-level built-in data management capabilities

  • Design modeling

  • Process-specific modeling tools

  • Industrial design

  • Product validation

  • Runtime licenses

  • Data exchange

  • Fully licensed software with sample files and guided tutorials

  • No massive downloads or lengthy installations

  • Ready to go! Instant access anytime, anywhere

Trial requirements

  • This complimentary trial is only available for qualified businesses, not members of the press or competition

  • Sign up with a valid email address, LinkedIn profile or Google account

  • Select your country/region

“The reason we use NX instead of another CAD system is because it has a more seamless transition from design to analysis, which gives us more time to do more iterations on our design. We’re able to easily make a few changes and analyze that design and just make the changes that we need to make that particular design work. Also, one of the biggest things NX provides is wave linking, which makes parametrizing assembly so much more robust than any other CAD software that’s available.”

- Parijaat Malik, Senior Mechanical Systems Engineer, Bye Aerospace, United States