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Discover high-performance part manufacturing with NX CAM, including:

  • Program any job using one CAM system, from 2.5-axis milling to multi-function machines.

  • Machine using advanced technologies, such as high-speed cutting, 5-axis milling, and robotics.

  • Automate NC programming using feature-based machining.

  • Increase machine uptime with integrated G-code-driven simulation.

  • Gain productivity with integrated CAD/CAM software, driving end-to-end part manufacturing.

NC programmer using NX CAD CAM software on his computer with the CAM application open on one monitor and the machine setup drawing on the other monitor

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"All of our customers want to get to market faster. Automation and continuous improvements using NX helped us build a reputation for delivering highest quality molds on time. That’s how we stay competitive and grow our business."

Henry Kalkman, President , JK Machining