Improve quality and compliance with PLM for Medical Devices

Medical Device Product Lifecycle Management trial

How can our Teamcenter X solution, PLM for Medical Devices, help you deliver innovation at warp speed?

  • View complete traceability of DHF/DMR and submissions for simplified regulatory interactions

  • Browse through and resolve related change requests

  • Trace risk with hazard analysis into requirements and design

  • Perform root cause analysis and problem-solving reports for corrective and preventive actions

  • Tackle integrated labeling and UDI throughout the lifecycle

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Simplified regulatory interactions

Maintain a master record system compatible with workflows, data trace, history, and change management. Automate compliance, submissions, and reporting to help boost product quality and data integrity.

Traceability at every phase

Improve accuracy with the ability for teams to collaborate and share work in progress. Manage, change, and manufacture product variations through visibility and integration across the entire value chain.

Next generation risk analysis

Digitalization enables data to define, measure, analyze, improve and control go-to-market management. Gain the ability to map requirements to V&V activities, including BOMs, to help create low-risk devices with optimized performance.

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