Optimize the heavy equipment product development process with integrated systems engineering

Integrated systems engineering trial

Shift to a more connected and proactive systems engineering approach

  • Leverage a collaborative systems engineering approach to increase organizational accountability, flexibility and traceability

  • Manage and verify parameters in a single source of truth across the organization

  • A robust change management system helps ensure all parameter changes are propagated back to the design

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Integrated system simulation with design

Virtual verification and validation allows you to deliver consistent execution across an organization, including planning and scheduling verification, performance analysis, configuration and management of testing resources and confirmation of regulatory and product compliance.

Traceability of design analysis

The digital twin enables you to effortlessly manage all your interconnected digital information and address the massive complexities in today's heavy equipment development.

Trace changes and requirements

With a realistic model of the system of systems, you can define the "right product" earlier. Establishing project intent before engineering yields a traceable, documented and fully specified product aligned to both internal and external requirements.

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