Learn to engineer superior, intelligent machines

Integrated design and simulation trial

With a digitalized, performance engineering approach for industrial machinery, you can:

  • Use multi-disciplinary data to create an accurate digital twin, and predict machine performance at any stage in its development.

  • Leverage a single 3D CAD and CAE environment to generate high-resolution models, then swiftly investigate machine stability at different operational points.

  • Perform accurate component sizing for complex systems using a powerful system simulation platform.

  • Meet customer requirements and safety regulations using state-of-the-art acoustic simulation technology.

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Create market-competitive machines

Predict and understand machine performance with the digital twin, helping create the most competitive products possible.

Engineer safe, high-quality products

Generate realistic 3D models that replicate machine performance under various operational conditions, ensuring product quality.

Simplify the development process

Simulate early and simulate often. Produce components with confidence that they will meet operational and safety requirements while driving the machine innovation process.

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