Heavy equipment engineering product design CAD software

Next Generation Design for Heavy Equipment trial

Explore how generative design benefits your design process

  • Improve the design of critical parts to increase mechanical performance using generative design techniques.

  • Discover a dedicated toolset to include all industry-relevant welds into the assembly.

  • Design the mechanical layout of cable harnesses with a dedicated environment for electrical routing.

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Embedded topology optimization

  • Enhance the design of existing components using generative design techniques, like topology optimization and free-form modeling.

  • Propose a new shape that increases the life cycle of a part, offering greater quality to the final customer.

Experience convergent modeling capabilities

  • Efficiently introduce a 3D representation of welds compliant with industry standards.

  • Leverage the parametric nature of weld features to save time when dealing with design changes.

Heavy equipment engineering insights

  • Effectively include cable harnesses in the assembly.

  • Leverage an extensive library of connectors and clips to maximize productivity.

  • Manage the impact of design modifications that affect cable routing with minimal effort.

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