Shift-left with simulation to design better products faster

Simulation-driven design for electronics trial

How can electronics simulation software help you shift-left with simulation-driven design to accelerate time to market?

  • Integrated design and simulation environment minimizes effort in sharing data and improves productivity.

  • Reduce time-consuming physical testing and simulations by utilizing state-of-the-art design and validation capabilities.

  • Create high-quality, safe, and sustainable products.

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Explore simulation-driven design

  • An integrated CAD-CFD environment makes it easier for design engineers to carry out simulations confidently.

  • Utilize the embedded optimization tool to explore many ideas and concepts, quickly adapt to changes, and refine the integrated design.

Reduce design cycle times and scale faster

  • Use an efficient workflow to handle design changes with minimal effort and carry out optimization tasks.

  • Analyze PCB structural integrity much earlier during the design cycle to avoid costly changes later.

Accelerate new product development

  • Use the digital twin with simulation to attain a design edge.

  • Analyze emissions earlier in the design cycle, effectively reducing the number of prototypes, reducing cost and waste, and eliminating project delays.

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