Experience the advantages of performing design simulation yourself

Small and Medium Business Design Simulation trial

How can design simulation support your product development?

  • Shorten development and reduce costs by performing simulation directly within the NX design environment.

  • Predict product behavior for structural, thermal, and motion performance during design.

  • Rapidly iterate designs to quickly understand the impact of design changes on product performance.

  • Learn how easy it is to perform simulation yourself in NX with straightforward examples.

Try our 30-day design simulation online trial. No installation is required. Start designing in minutes. (Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari recommended)

Simulation for designers

Make decisions earlier and verify product performance directly in CAD as you design your product.

Structural, motion and thermal analysis

Explore product performance using CAD-integrated structural simulation, thermal analysis and mechanism motion simulation.

Automate repeatable simulation tasks easily

Evaluate how template-based simulation enables you to automate tasks to save time.

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Trial features

  • Fully licensed software with sample files and guided tutorials

  • No massive downloads or lengthy installations

  • Ready to go! Instant access anytime, anywhere

Trial requirements

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