Speed up engineering and design processes to deliver the next gen battery cell and pack innovations

Battery PLM-integrated 3D modeling trial

How can you develop more battery designs in less time and with fewer errors?

  • Orchestrate the product devolvement process of a new battery with a program plan linked to up-to-date product deliverables

  • Increase design efficiency and maintain change traceability with product lifecycle management (PLM)-integrated 3D modeling

  • Simplify assembly integration design tasks while ensuring the control of product maturity and quality

  • Drive the review and approval process with digital workflows

Try our 30-day battery PLM-integrated 3D modeling trial. No installation is required. Start designing in minutes. (Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari recommended)

Discover the value of a unique collaborative platform

  • Get up-to-date project status visibility at your fingertips

  • Navigate seamlessly from product definition to milestone deliverables

Experience the power of model-based design

  • Modify a 3D cell model in a few clicks while keeping the lifecycle under control

  • Perform impact analysis on the module and pack assembly instantly

  • Experience the use of a 3D power management interface (PMI) for model-based documentation

Understand the benefits of PLM

  • View the holistic bill of material, including mechanical and electronic components for the pack and electrochemical elements for the cell

  • Execute simple, auditable approval workflows

Trial Details

Trial features

  • Fully licensed software with sample files and guided tutorials

  • No massive downloads or lengthy installations

  • Ready to go! Instant access anytime, anywhere

Trial requirements

  • This complimentary trial is only available for qualified businesses, not members of the press or competition

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