Manage automotive design complexity with E/E systems development

Automotive E/E Systems Development

How can E/E systems development help with automotive design?

  • Use a comprehensive solution to manage electrical & electronics system complexity from the concept phase onwards.

  • Direct integration between electrical and mechanical systems reduces your design efforts and rework.

  • The automated rules/constraints and verification process ensure reliable data to minimize risks.

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Get the design right the first time with optimized system architecture

Optimize function allocation by analyzing the utilization matrix for electrical engineering system architecture with adequate device information.

Multi-domain collaboration enables effortless automotive EE system design

Seamless integration of electrical and mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) eliminates duplicate design work.

System connectivity with physical harness topology generates complete wiring data via automation.

Investigate signal response with consistency checks

Overcome real-time challenges by network software communication across multiple protocols, verify safety and security concepts, and generate ECU extracts from optimized network architecture.

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